SHYBA Background Checks (for 2017-2018 Season) are required prior to any SHYBA activities. 

Clearances are valid for 60 months post issue date.  All returning SHYBA coaches from the 2016-2017 season only need to sign the 2017 affidavit and bring to the draft or submit to the email below. All new coaches to SHYBA must first black out your SS#, and then please email your 2 clearance documents and affidavit to

This procedure applies to all individuals interacting, specifically coaches, with the players in any league or travel program.

For general questions on the Background Check requirement, please contact your league commissioner or SHYBA President. 

By When?

Before Skills Evaluation: ANY coach identified by a commissioner to actively participate on the floor in the Skills Evaluation session must have their background check record provided to the commissioner 3 days prior to the skills evaluation date.

Before League Draft: ALL coaches must have their background check record provided to the commissioner 3 days prior to the League Draft night.

After League Draft:  If a coach is not identified until the league draft, they must have their background check record provided to the commissioner BEFORE they participate on the floor with their team. 

Active Check Record?

Background check records for the current SHYBA season must be no more than 60 months valid beyond the original submission date.


All individuals who will be coaching SHYBA players, both head coaches and assistants, as well as any other volunteers working directly with the players are required to comply with providing the following items identified below.


Any person who provides permanent or temporary care, supervision, guidance, control of a child, or has direct contact with children must comply with all of the following requirements, regardless of whether that person is in a paid or unpaid position: 

Clearance requirement 1: PA Child Abuse History Clearance: 

Form found at 

Clearance requirement 2: PA Criminal Record Check: 

Form found at 

Clearance requirement 3: SHYBA 2017 affidavit or FBI Fingerprint Clearance:

FBI Fingerprint clearance form found at: 

However, If unpaid position + maintained continuous residency in Pennsylvania for the past 10 year, No FBI fingerprint clearance is required but individual must swear or affirm in writing using the SHYBA affidavit that applicant has not been named as a perpetrator of a founded child abuse report, or convicted of any of the enumerated offenses.  

2017 SHYBA affidavit can be found at this link 2017 SHYBA Volunteer affidavit

Renewal Requirement in all cases – Effective 12/31/14 - Every 60 Months 

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