Playing Rules

General Playing Rules (PDF)

Rules Cube (PDF)  SHYBA follows national federation rules for basketball with the following exceptions found here






Article I. Name


The organization shall be known as the Souderton-Harleysville Youth Basketball Association (“SHYBA”)




SHYBA is a community-based program that provides for youth of Souderton/Harleysville and surrounding communities to participate in an organized basketball league. It has both intramural leagues for most youths, plus travel teams for advanced play.




  1. Membership in the SHYBA is open to all youths in the community and surrounding areas from age seven (7) through high school as of August 31st of each year.


  2. Rules regarding members
    1. Membership is obtained yearly through registration during the leagues open registration.


      3.   Travel teams eligibility is listed under league structure




      Section I General


      This Constitution and by-laws and all subsequent amendments shall determine the duties and authorities of the SHYBA governing board members.


      Section II Specific


  1. Composition - The SHYBA governing board shall consist of a President, Vice President, Travel Team Coordinator, Secretary, Treasurer, Sponsor Coordinator, Referee Coordinator, Facility Coordinator, Past President, and Commissioner for each of the individual leagues.


  2. Duties

    a. President

    1. Acts as a liaison between the community, other community organizations, and the school district.
    2. Is aware of all league activities
    3. Chairs all league meetings and conducts them per the bylaws
    4. Decides course of action in league rulings with the rest of governing board.
    5. Ensures that facilities for play are secured.
    6. Updates web page(s) identified as his/her responsibility (usually the following pages:SHYBA News page, Message to Parents page, Q&A page)



  1. Vice President


    1. Coordinates signups/registration
    2. Chairs meetings if President cannot attend
    3. Chooses fundraising program as decided and submits to board for approval
    4. Coordinates fundraising program to completion.
    5. Helps in League activities as needed
    6. Records minutes of meeting if secretary is not available
    7. Becomes President in following year to insure stability
    8. Oversees and assists Commissioners for 3 on 3 tournaments
    9. Updates web page(s) identified as his/her responsibility (usually the Registration Info page).



  1. Secretary


    1. Responsible for recording minutes of meetings and posting such on the SHYBA web site.
    2. Shall determine reasons for board members missing meetings and contact if necessary
    3. Acts as a liaison to the Web Master to keep the Shyba web site updated.
    4. Shall ensure bylaws are updated as board enacts changes.
    5. Updates web page(s) identified as his/her responsibility (usually the following pages:Board Mtg Minutes page and Contacts page).




  1. Treasurer


    1. Responsible for handling league funds
    2. Shall maintain league bank account with following three signatures

      a. President

      b. Vice-president

      c.  Treasurer

      (Checks shall require approval of two board members either on the check, or by approval of the invoice for payment.)

    3. Bills over $1000 must be approved by the board.
    4. Shall give treasurers report at each meeting
    5. Ensures all outstanding bills are paid promptly.
    6. Shall prepare financial statements as required
    7. Shall prepare pro-forma income statement by July 31 and alert Board to any fund deficiencies.



  1. League Commissioners


    1.     Responsible for enforcing SHYBA Code of Conduct and rules and regulations of specific league (Board approval for changes to rules)

    1. Responsible for scheduling of games
    2. Decides on individual rulings in disagreements in games within league
    3. Attend board meetings
    4. Handle draft and distribution of players for their specific league
    5. May run additional league events, such as 3 on 3 Tournaments.
    6. Updates web page(s) identified as their responsibility (usually the following pages:League Standings page, Team HiLites page)
    7. Ensure facilities are treated with respect.



  1. Sponsor Coordinator


    1.     Coordinates picture taking for entire league

    1. Coordinates procuring sponsors for leagues
    2. Maintains existing programs
    3. Updates web page(s) identified as his/her responsibility (usually the Sponsor Info page).


  1. Past President


    1. Ensures smooth transition to new president
    2. Ensures gym space is obtained for following season
    3. Assists new president in any matter
    4. Serves as acting Vice President if position of Vice President position is vacant



  2. Facility Coordinator


    1. Ensures facilities are scheduled
    2. Has final say in rescheduling game time
    3. League liaison with schools and other facility owners
    4. Obtains needed equipment to ensure proper play
    5. Works with commissioners to ensure facilities are treated with respect
    6. Updates web page(s) identified as his/her responsibility (usually the Schedules and Key Dates page).
    7. Review facilities bills, approve as appropriate, and deliver to the Treasurer for payment.



  3. Travel Team Coordinator


    1. Coordinates management of travel teams
    2. Interacts with various travel league officials
    3. Communicates board decisions to coaches
    4. Ensures bylaws with respect to travel teams are followed
    5. Oversees travel fundraisers (the travel fundraisers will be run by the two oldest travel teams – 1 for boys and 1 for girls).
    6. Updates web page(s) identified as his/her responsibility (usually the following pages:Travel Team Info page, Trip to 76ers Game page).



  4. Referee Coordinator


    1.     Coordinates training of volunteer refs

    2.     Obtains PIAA referees for leagues as needed

    1. Obtains PIAA referees for playoff s of each league as needed
    2. Clarifies/determines rulings for issues as they arise during season
    3. Updates web page(s) identified as his/her responsibility (usually the following pages:Rules page, Ask da Ref page).


  1. Eligibility - Membership on the governing board shall be open to all members of the community 18 years of age or older who show interest in basketball and working in the community.Any person interested shall either submit his/her name for consideration to the board, or any board member may nominate an individual they deem able and worthy. For the positions of Vice President, or President, to be eligible for these positions, the candidate must have one year of experience as a board member. This will ensure that the candidate is aware of the duties and expected responsibilities of all the board members.


  1. Terms of Office - All governing board members are elected for a one-year term.


  1. Vacancy of Office


    1. Resignation- If an officer resigns from his or her office, the vacant position should be filled within two board meetings.

      (If the President resigns, the Vice President would assume his/her duties.  In the event that there is no Vice President, the Past President will assume the duties of President.)


  1. Impeachment
    1. Grounds for impeachment - Members of the board may be removed from office at any time during their term for serious offenses, to include, but not limited to:


      1.     Malfeasance of Office

      2.     Serious breach of public trust

      1. Serious inability or willingness to carry out duties
      2. Unbecoming conduct such as language, smoking in view of children, drugs, etc.
      3. Unsportsmanlike conduct
      4. Abuse of office for own teams personal gain
      5. Failure to attend board meetings on a regular basis


  1. Impeachment proceedings shall be as follows:


  1. The President, or vice-president may initiate proceedings when a person in the community, or a SHYBA board member, brings a charge against a board member.
  1. A confidential investigation will ensue, conducted by the President and vice-president (if neither are implicated).
  1. If charges are substantiated, the President will ask the accused to resign.
  2. The accused has a right to ask for a hearing by the Board at a closed-door meeting.The Board’s decision is final.The accused has a right to bring witnesses as desired.






    Section I - Board Meetings

  1. Order of Meetings


    1. Call to Order
    2. Discussion and approval of prior meetings minutes
    3. Treasurers report
    4. Commissioner’s reports on specific league
    5. Old business
    6. New business
    7. Next Meeting
    8. Adjournment


  1. President shall chair meetings.The Vice President shall chair the meetings in the absence of the President.


  1. Attendance - All Board Members are expected to attend the Board Meetings.




    Section II – Voting


    Normal decisions by the Board shall be by voice, show of hands, or secret ballot at the discretion of the acting chair of the meeting. Approval of the stated issue shall come from a simple majority of those members present.  All votes shall be subject to a recount upon request of any board member.  All votes shall be entered into the minutes. In addition:


    1.     Each board member shall vote only once, regardless of the number of positions she/he has on the board

    1. Proxy votes are acceptable only after the entire board has been notified about the voting issue and a board discussion has previously taken place.All proxy votes must be in writing, signed by the absent voting board member.



      Section II - Quorum


      A quorum shall consist of no less than half of the members of the board.  A quorum must exist at any regular meeting to vote on board matters.








      Team Organization



      7 - 8 Year Old Leagues – Blind draft with maximum of two coaches per team. Each team should have the same percentage of 7 and 8 years olds, to the best that can be done by the commissioner.


      All Other Leagues - In an effort to ensure, and to avoid any one of a few select teams from acquiring too many of the better players in the league, the coaching staff shall be limited to two coaches (see draft procedures below).  The remaining eight players will be obtained through the league draft selection.  Additional coaches may be obtained through the selection of the player in the draft.


      All coaches must be submitted by the league commissioner to the board for review.


      Draft proceedures. 

      1. Each Commissioner must identify the top 4 rounds of players, based on ability, and provide this list to all coaches prior to the actual draft date. 
      2. One coach per team - for all leagues greater than 10 teams. 
      3. Commissioners must equal out players on each team by age ( ex. 11-12 league - each team must draft an equal amount of 11 year olds and 12 year olds).
      4. A coach with a younger age child (11 yr. old) on the team, will draft before a coach with an older age child (12 year old). 


Any exceptions to these draft procedures must be presented to the Board for approval..


League Structure



There will be separate girls and boys leagues in the following age groups


  • 7 - 8 year olds boys-7 - 8 year old girls
  • 9 - 10 year olds boys-9 - 10 year old girls
  • 11 - 12 year olds boys -11, 12 & 13 year old girls
  • 13 - 14 year olds boys -14, 15, 16 & 17 year old girls
  • 15, 16 & 17 year old boys



    League Dues:


    Costs:              Please refer to the Registration Info page of the SHYBA web site for registration costs for the current season. 

                           Please see the Sponsor Info page of the SHYBA web site for sponsor costs for the current season.





    Refunds:                   All requests for refunds must go to the specific league commissioner, who will then request the refund from the Treasurer, based on the following rules:


    -       100%   if youth withdrawals prior to coaches draft

    -       100%   if youth withdrawals prior to first practice, if a replacement player is available.

  • 100%if injured prior to start of regular season


No refunds:             

  1. If player tries out for travel team, doesn’t make it, and elects not to play in intramural league
  2. After the first practice




Travel Teams


Purpose – Travel teams are to take SHYBAs’ better players and promote their abilities further in order that they may improve the local schools teams, as they grow older. It is expected and hoped that with advanced coaching, and playing against better players, they will advance their play faster than if they continued to play in the intramural leagues.


Structure - There will be one travel team in ages 11, 12, and 13 for both girls and boys provided there is interest from enough youths, plus an available coach. It is important that travel teams not adversely affect the intramural leagues and must be limited to one team only in each category, or there will not be enough coaches to maintain the intramural league. Travel players are not allowed to play in the intramural league, as it is impossible to make a commitment to anything other than travel, due to the time commitment required of a travel player.


Eligibility – Any youth within the boundaries of the Souderton School District may try out for membership on a travel team. Other youths not within the boundary may be allowed on the teams provided board approval is asked for and received. If a player has played for SHYBA for 4 years, and lives outside the area, they will be allowed on the travel team regardless of where they live. The Travel Coordinator will ask the board for the specific exception, with reasons as to why it should be granted. SHYBA board must approve the roster.


Examples of exceptions for approval may include:

  1. Youth may live west of SHYBA (Such as Red Hill, Green Lane, Pennsburg) where there is no youth basketball league.
  2. Youth may be living part time with a single parent
  3. Day care considerations
  4. Plans to move into the area in the future


Under no circumstances should a travel team coach recruit players from outside of the SHYBA boundaries. Due to the purpose of improving the local teams and the expense of operating these programs, if there is not sufficient interest in a specific age group, that specific team should be eliminated for that year. These are community travel teams, not teams formed for the purpose of winning only.


Removal from team- Any player who does not exhibit sportsmanship, or has conduct unbecoming to the league, will be removed from the team and their membership money forfeited.


Additional Travel By-laws:


  1. The SHYBA board must approve coaches.The travel team commissioner will submit the names prior to the start of the season. There shall be only one coach, the head coach, assigned to each team. Once the travel coach has chosen his team members, he/she may recruit assistant coaches from those parents.


  2. 8-player minimum, 10-player maximum per team, to insure sufficient playing time for each player.


  3. All travel teams must have a sponsor, unless waived by the SHYBA board.


  4. Alternate players – Due to hardships at times in having sufficient players for a specific game (due to vacations, illnesses, etc.), a travel team may use alternates from the intramural league to fill the roster. Under no circumstances shall an alternate miss either an intramural practice, or game, to play or practice with the travel team, period, no exceptions.


  1. Coaches – To take travel players to the next level, it is essential that the board chose coaches that have a complete understanding of the games. If the board chooses coaches who do not have a full understanding of the game, we are doing both the players, and the league a disservice. This is not intramural ball, it is the foundation to the next level. In choosing coaches, the board should look for:
    1. Experience in coaching travel caliber players (CYO, AAU, prior travel)
    2. Summer league experience
    3. Knowledge of game to next level, knowledge of different offensive and defensive set-ups, such as a “match zone defense”











There are to be playoffs at the end of each season, except for the 7 & 8 year olds, which shall have some sort of “fun” or “skills” day. Every team will make the playoffs.


To ensure fair playoff results the following are rules to be used during playoffs:


  1. The format of best versus worst teams are to be followed in setting up the initial format and play will continue without re-seeding teams during any rounds.
  2. Referees shall either be appointed by league board, or by the specific commissioner
  • If commissioners team is in playoff game, the league president will appoint the game officials for any playoff games involving that team

3.  The referee coordinator will assign referees as needed for playoff games





The board may, by majority vote, remove or suspend, an official, player, parent, or coach from the league. Reasons for this action may include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Unsportsmanlike conduct
  • Failure to obey league playing rules
  • Profane language
  • Any conduct detrimental to the league
  • Not accepting the decisions or judgements of the on-court officials & referees
  • Berating any player, opposing coach, official, or parent either privately or openly





                No amendments shall be made to this Constitution and by-law’s except by a vote at a scheduled meeting of the governing board, and then only by a two-thirds majority of the total of governing Board Members. Example:  If the Board is complete, all 18 voting positions are occupied, then NO less than 12 members of the board must be present for voting for amendments to this constitution.

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