Below, is a letter to SHYBA parents, concerning expected behaviors with respect to school facilities and general sportsmanship. This letter was necessary due to problems in past years. Please read this and consider our points.

Also, below is the SHYBA Code of Conduct. Please take the time to read that as well.

Message To Parents:


Dear Parents: Over the years, the SHYBA Program has enjoyed explosive growth and now serves over 1200 boys and girls in our community. This growth has also increased the amount in inappropriate actions by those attending the games. This ranges from floors filled with litter, to siblings running through the halls, to parents breaking the no smoking rule, which is in place at all facilities where we play.  We have been put on notice at several of our facilities that if we do not clean up our act, we will lose the privilege of playing at that facility. Therefore, we are asking the help of all who attend SHYBA games to follow this set of rules that are designed to meet the needs of the schools.

1. No balls may be brought into the gym, there will be game and practice balls at each facility. Running down the school halls bouncing balls is the # 1 irritant  and has brought us to the brink of losing gym time.

2. There is no smoking on school grounds. Many folks are unaware that the no smoking policy extends to the grounds of the facility and is not just an inside/outside issue.  SHYBA has been warned about the loss of gym time over this issue.

3. The littering that goes on at all facilities is shameful. Those of us who are responsible for clearing out the gym often spend 15 minutes picking up litter. We do not have paid cleaning services.   There is "NO FOOD OR DRINK" policies in place at all facilities other than the High School.

4. No running throughout the schools. Spectators are expected to confine themselves to the gym and washrooms. Parents are responsible for ensuring that the siblings attending with them adhere to these rules.

5. The decrease in civility has to end. Please remember we are the role models for our children. This means we need to drop the foul language - in the past,  we had to expel a number of parents from games.

5a. As a part of the civility issue, parents need to take the lead on reining in the constant negative reaction to every call a ref makes. We have this distorted view that refs should be perfect in making calls that benefit us, yet miss those against our team. This does not teach our children reasonable behavior, and clearly, this is not in line with the world they will face as adults.

6. The final rule is take responsibility for those you bring to the game, yourself, non-playing children, relatives, and friends. Use good judgment, be a role model, and abide by the rules stated above. Only through a concerted effort by all of us will we continue to enjoy the privilege of playing at the schools.




Thank You from the SHYBA Board

The SHYBA Code of Conduct


The following Code of Conduct has been adopted by the Souderton Harleysville Youth Basketball Association (SHYBA), and applies to all coaches, players, referees, parents, and fans associated with the league.


AS A SHYBA PARTICIPANT, I am responsible for the success of the league, which is defined as safety, fun, learning, sportsmanship, and healthy competition. As a member of SHYBA, I shall treat with respect all the facilities the league utilizes.

 AS A COACH, I realize that while healthy competition and a desire to win can be positive, they should never be at the expense of my players’ ability to enjoy the game of basketball.  My players have the right to a coach who is supportive and patient, who takes the time to work with each player, and who allows players to make mistakes.  My players have the right to play as a child, and be treated at a level appropriate to their physical and emotional maturity.

 AS A PARENT, I will be supportive of my child by giving encouragement and showing an interest in his/her team.  Positive reinforcement encourages learning, fun, and a healthy desire to compete.  I will serve as a positive role model to my child by displaying good sportsmanship and respect at all times for coaches, referees, opponents, and my child’s teammates.  My greatest possible contribution is to sit back and enjoy the game, and remember that basketball is played for fun.

AS A REFEREE, I am ultimately responsible for the enforcement of both the spirit and letter of the rules, to the best of my ability.  Any player, coach, parent, or fan who commits an act which is deemed to be inappropriate by me (including taunting, arguing, or obscene language or gestures) will receive either a warning or immediate ejection from the gym, at my discretion.  Most importantly, I will always remember that SHYBA basketball is for the players - not the adults.







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